You have somehow found your way to Lambert's photography site.

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Here, from time to time, I present some of my photographic efforts,  those that I think are worth it, which is very few. Fortunately these days my photography is almost all digital and so film is fee!

New to the sight is a collection of photographs from the trip Gerry and I recently took to Scotland.

For some time now I have been immersing myself in making panoramic and mosaic pictures around Brooklyn and Manhattan. (It being winter there's a tendency not to wander too far from our heated apartment.) These are all taken on my Coolpix 5700, and so far always with the lens set at 35mm equivalent focal length. More details of the setup can be found elsewhere in this site.

Here is a small group. For an even larger selection, I've set up this page where I present some of the pictures I use for my Google screen saver.

Here is a fine view of the boathouse in Prospect Park. This shows some of the results of the lengthy restoration that has been going on in the park for the past few years. I think they did quite a good job of this part of the park, and I'm glad they kept this fine old pine. It's hard to believe that the city actually contemplated tearing this building down some years ago!  This picture is composed from nine images/
Christo's Gates.

Prospect Park in the snow.

Views across the Hudson river at sunset.

The first snows of 2004